Our mission is to introduce children to cooking, to give them the opportunity to try new foods and to educate them to make healthy food choices.

Nutritional Ninjas strives to teach children to prepare their own food. Launched by Lauren Prentice in 2017, Lauren was shocked to learn that cooking is not on the National Curriculum. Being a self-confessed fussy eater as a child, Lauren knew the importance of allowing children to explore different tastes and textures and how important it is to give the children ownership over preparing their own dishes.

Not only is cooking fun, it’s also an essential life skill that we all need to survive; the earlier we can teach these skills the easier it is to in still healthy habits into children.

Nutritional Ninjas was originally launched in just 4 different schools and in a short space of time has grown to operate in over 50 different schools each week, teaching over 600 children weekly. As well as offering birthday parties, PPA cover, workshops and grant funded projects.

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If you’d like to become a Nutritional Ninja yourself and spread the joy of cooking to children in your area, visit our franchise website here to find out more about how you could launch your own cookery class business.